Edward M. Maxwell founded New Form Energy; he is an investment and financial expert. The company has built strong relationships with top decision makers and businesses in the renewable energy sector, which is why we’ve developed the ability to identifying companies with huge potentials.

The founder of the company has a portfolio of profitable investments. Mr. Maxwell had been investing in the energy sector for over ten years, and having invested in over 30 energy companies, he has already built a niche and reputation for himself in the investment business. New Form Energy has invested in some of the top-notch energy companies we know today. New Form Energy through its vast investing experience understand the problems energy companies face in their early stages, which is why the company is also helping these startups come up with innovative solutions.

Our professionals work with excellent management teams from different sectors who are already experts when it comes to giving out strategic advice in both investment and finance issues. Our team of professionals have a strong network and constantly up to date with the latest trends in energy across the globe.  Our solutions and strategies are nothing short of the best in town – that we can guarantee you!

Our experience with companies at their different stages has helped broaden our investment strategies; we know it may not be possible to tackle two problems with the same solution that’s why we always have a different tailor – fit solutions for each company.

As a professional services company, we believe to be a market leader the members of staff at every level have to provide innovative strategy within their level. This would enable us to be pioneers in our field. Over the years we have observed new regions for good investment opportunities for our client’s, our clients have been satisfied with the returns they have gotten after implementing the solutions we  provide them.

As such we put in more and more efforts into researching new methods and solutions to remain relevant in our chosen investment fields. So for us to provide unquestionable services to our client we built our business based on the following four fundamental core values which guide us in meeting our goals and standards.


Our core values are:

Loyalty: No matter what the situation may be, we stick to our client’s. In the good and bad times, we choose to face every situation that will be faced by our clients.

Integrity: Our business name is important to us and keeping the respect associated to the name is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we ensure our strategies are unquestionable in all ramifications.

Trust: You can trust our solutions are specifically tailored to favor our clients. We have no reason to proffer a strategy that would work against our clients.

Leadership: Our strategies and services are aimed to make us market leaders.


You will always find these core values at the foundation of every business transaction you bring to us. Invest with us today to build a better future!