When thinking about the future, one thing that is usually on the top of everyone’s mind is how we’re going to get our energy. While fossil fuels make up the vast majority of how we get our energy, they cannot last forever. We need to start thinking about new ways to get energy.

As of the last few years, inventors and innovators have been trying very hard to answer the questions we’ve been asking. With new developments in solar, wind, and other forms of energy that are within reach, the future has never looked brighter when it comes to switching over to green energy.

However, a monopoly on green energy has not been ascertained. Many companies have tried to make renewable energy into a big business, but many have failed and had to file bankruptcy. So, the question is, is the green energy craze over?

The Answer Is No

While it may seem there’s no secure way to go about it, investing and promoting green energy is more important than ever. With global warming on the rise, it is imperative for us in America to begin seriously thinking about investing more in renewable energy.

People in America may be hesitant to trust renewable, green energy, but that isn’t the case everywhere. In Europe and many Asian countries, they have been embracing clean energy with open arms. Many countries overseas have been on the hunt to turn 100% to green energy. This is reducing their carbon footprint and making it a lot less expensive for the governments to regulate, as well as creating a lot of jobs in maintaining the solar and wind farms. Many people in America feel the same way, but with many governments dependent on money from the oil industry, it can be hard to convince governments to make the switch. So there is no lack of interest, especially if you count overseas.

Is The Green Energy Craze Over

Where Is Green Energy Thriving?

While it may seem that we have made great strides with our market of hybrid and electric cars, we are nowhere near as close to switching our dependency on oil to renewable energy as other countries. If you look at Denmark, for example, they have switched over 35% of their energy use to renewable sources, leading the world.

And it gets better from there, other countries in Europe have been following the example, such as Great Britain and Germany. It almost seems like a race around the world of who can switch to renewable energy the fastest.

The resources to switch over are within our grasp, it all depends on people’s willingness to try new things and take that leap. Green energy is proven to work.

So while America may be struggling to totally commit to the clean energy market, it is no way representative of the clean energy market around the world, which is wildly thriving. While America may be taking a few steps backwards in many ways, it certainly won’t stop each of us from playing our part in creating a less fossil fuel dependent world.

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